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Cool Stuff KSW-101 Kids Watch with GPS Tracking & SOS Button

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Cool Stuff KSW-101 Kids Watch with GPS Tracking & SOS Button

Worried about your children having a smart phone, but still want the convenience of knowing they are safe?

The Cool Stuff KSW-101 Kids Watch is the answer.

Designed especially for kids, this smart watch has built in GPS Tracking that you can self-monitor from your own smart phone or web browser.

The watch also has a side mounted SOS Button. This button will send you an alert via SMS or the smart phone app with the location of your child. Using the extremely accurate GPS Tracking function, you can find your child quickly in emergency situations. It is also useful for letting you know that your child is ready to be picked up from school, library, sports, shopping mall or where ever your child goes.

Main Features:

Accurate Location
Using both GPS and GSM dual location for accurate position.

Safe Incoming Calls
The "Safe-Call" feature allows you to program & save phone contacts that your child can use to make phone calls to. No other numbers can be called from the device and no other numbers can be received by the device.

With this function, you can have voice conversation between your child's smart watch and the smart phone app. You can even send voice message over the app.

Geo-Fencing Safety Zone
Smart "Geo-Fencing" allows you to select areas that you do not want your children going into... If your child enters any of these zones, you will receive an alert via SMS or the smart phone app.

The watch has a built-in Pedometer to record your children's steps, calories and distance.
Ideal for checking your child is exercising enough during the day.

Route History
Check where your child has been, up to 12 months data available.

Find the watch
If you can't find the watch, send this command & the watch will start to ring for 1 minute so that you can easily find it... press any button to stop the ringer.

Also very handy for quickly finding your lost child in the supermarket!!!

Message Alerts
You will receive an SMS Alert if the watch has a low battery, SOS Reminder or if the watch is taken off your child's wrist.

Listen to kids
If you miss your child, you can listen to them without disturbing them. Some may call it eavesdropping... but we don't judge :)

You can set 3 different alarms as your child's requirements!

Remote Shut Down
Using the App, you can remotely shut the watch down. Ideal for when your child is in class.


Multi-Language Support
English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Indonesian, Malay, Dutch, Danish, Polish etc.


* Note: Requires Phone SIM Card to operate. SIM Card not included.

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